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Student Council

The student council is a group of students elected to represent the entire school for the academic year. Each September, students in 2nd- 6th class hold class elections where candidates give speeches outlining their plans to represent their classmates and make positive changes for the school. Two representatives are chosen from each class, resulting in a total of ten elected members on the student council. These students serve as advocates for their peers and dedicate their time to various projects throughout the year.


Student Council 2018/19.

Here are some of the achievements of the student council in the last number of years:

  • The North Bay talent show

  • The building of the astro turf

  • North Bay Fashion Show

  • Getting the benches put into the yard

  • Suggesting ways in which to create a more colourful learning environment

  • The launching of E-Zine Magazine

  • Many, many more projects in the pipeline...

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