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Student Council

The student council is an elected body of students which represent all the children in the school for the duration of an academic year. Every September, the senior classes (3rd to 6th class) run a class election. Each child in the class who wishes to run for student council gives a speech about how they would represent their classmates for the year, and what kind of changes they would like to see in the school. Two representatives are then elected from each of the classes. There are a total of eight elected children on the student council. They are then the voice for the children in the school, and work hard throughout the year on various projects.


Student Council 2018/19 at our lovely new school entrance

Here are some of the achievements of the student council in the last number of years:

  • The North Bay talent show

  • The building of the astro turf

  • North Bay Fashion Show

  • Getting the benches put into the yard

  • Suggesting ways in which to create a more colourful learning environment

  • The launching of E-Zine Magazine

  • Many, many more projects in the pipeline...

Student Council are in charge of promoting and helping to publish our very successful E-Zine Magazine, an online magazine written by students in the school. If you're a student, feel free to prepare a written piece for the next issue of E-Zine. Send all entries to To view our E-Zine online magazine, please follow this link.

E-Zine Magazine
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