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Our School

North Bay Educate Together National School is located in the heart of the Kilbarrack community, in Dublin 5. We are a multi-denominational school with an emphasis on creating an inclusive experience of education- 'We Learn Together, to Live Together'.

first class photo finish.jpg

North Bay Educate Together National School is a co-educational and multi-denominational school. We are a well-established school in the North Bay area of Dublin, first opening our doors in 1990 with only one teaching principal, Maureen Costello. The enrolment was a mixed class of Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class. We have grown considerably since then, we now have a current enrolment of 217 children and have 14 teachers, 5 SNAs and an administrative principal. 

Photo of First Class Enrolled in North Bay ETNS, 1990

The staff work very hard to provide our children with a positive, creative and unique experience of education. As our school is a member of Educate Together, we are a multi-denominational school. In our school, every child is valued and respected. The style of education we strive to implement is holistic, caring and child-centred. We aspire to nurture young minds and develop a love of learning in the children we teach.

We have taken on many projects close to our hearts over the last number of years such as earning our Green Flag for our whole-school approach towards environmental conservation, our Active Flag for our health and fitness initiatives and earning our Discovery Science Award for all the hard work in promoting science and technology in school and everyday life.


Besides the awards we have earned, we pride ourselves on all the fundraising we do each year. Every year we raise funds and awareness for various charities who mean a lot to us. In the past number of years we have raised money for homelessness in Ireland, the refugee crisis, Barnardos and for specific schools and projects in developing countries.

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