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Our Ethos


Equality- based

Our Ethos, Vision and Mission Statement

"Learn Together, to Live Together"

North Bay Mission Statement

Vision Statement

We aim to provide an excellent education that is respectful of all, regardless of belief system, race, ethnicity, class, culture, gender, language, lifestyle and ability.


In North Bay ETNS, every child will learn in an inclusive, democratic, co-educational setting that is committed to enabling and supporting each child to achieve their full potential while at the same time preparing them to become caring and active members of a culturally diverse society.

Our Vision and Ethos


Educate Together schools differ from other schools in that we have a unique ethos. The ethos describes the spirit and character of the school. It permeates all the activities of the school day and enables a strong sense of community and social cohesion within the school.


The aim of the Positive Behaviour Code is to ensure that the individuality of each child is respected and that individual differences are celebrated, acknowledging the right of each child to an environment in which they can grow and learn safely.


The vision for our school is that we will ‘live out’ the core principles set out below and seek to create and maintain an ethos that encapsulates these principles.

  • The Equality-Based Principle

North Bay ETNS is an Equality Based primary school that enables equal access to the school. Children of all social and cultural groups, and of all religions and non-religious backgrounds, are equally respected and welcomed.

  • The Co-Educational Principle

All children are encouraged to fulfil their potential in a school that is committed to equal opportunities for girls and boys.

  • The Child-Centred Principle

The school offers a child-centred curriculum in which the teacher guides and facilitates the child’s learning through both formal and informal methods and encourages the child’s active participation is his/her learning. Each child’s individual needs are considered and he/she is encouraged to learn at an appropriate pace.

  • The Democratically-run Principle 

The school is managed by the Board of Management under the guidance of the Patron Committee regarding matters of ethos. North Bay has an active Parent Teacher Association and a dedicated staff upholding a cohesive set of values that encapsulate the school ethos. On an on-going basis, parents are encouraged to take an active part in their children’s learning under the professional guidance of the teacher.


Vision, ethos and the Positive Behaviour Code:

This vision is our expression of our educational and moral values and they are demonstrated in the positive ways we respond to behaviour in our school. The core of our Positive Behaviour Code is that we seek to enable the children to reflect, in a spirit of justice, on how their behaviour choices impact on others and to make positive choices. The values we promote have their roots in the vision and core principles.

Learn Together Curriculum

The Learn Together Curriculum supports and implements the guiding principles of the school by covering a wide range of religious, moral, social and ethical issues, with no specific emphasis on any one religion.

It deals with education for and about personal and social development; sex; and relationships. These issues are dealt with in a sensitive manner appropriate to children of all religions as well as those from a non-religious background.

The knowledge and attitudes which the children derive from either their own religious or non-religious philosophies and beliefs are a significant resource which may be drawn on during Learn Together curriculum classes. The following four strands are the areas we focus on in the Learn Together curriculum:

  • Moral and Spiritual Development

  • Equality and Justice

  • Belief Systems

  • Ethics and the Environment

"To promote a philosophy of education in which no child is considered an outsider; which promotes the fullest development of ability irrespective of gender, class or stereotype and which encapsulates this ethos in a democratic partnership uniquely combining all involvement of parents, with the professional role of teachers"

Learn Together Mission Statement, 2011

Our newly-decorated Learn Together Room inspires and consolidates the learning done in the classroom, as well as providing  a beautiful, tranquil space for the children to learn. 

Aims of the Learn Together Curriculum

  • Foster in each child a knowledge and understanding of different value and belief systems in an atmosphere of critical enquiry and mutual respect

  • Prepare children to become caring members of a multicultural society with the necessary intercultural skills to enrich such a society

  • Address issues of spirituality and morality

  • Facilitate in children the ability to make reasoned and informed moral judgements

  • Support children in cultivating their spirituality in a secure environment

  • Raise awareness in children of issues of human rights, justice and equality in society

  • Develop in children an ethical and reasoned approach to caring for the environment

  • Provide children with a range of dispositions and skills to enable them to participate in and contribute to the democratic process and become informed, socially responsible and fair-minded citizens.

For more information about what it means for your child to attend an Educate Together school please click here to be redirected to their official website.

If you would like to learn more about the Learn Together Curriculum, or what your role as parent is in implementing the curriculum, please check out the Learn Together Curriculum below. This can be viewed, downloaded or printed.

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