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Instructions for Making an Aladdin E-Payment

1. Click the button above, Aladdin E-Payments will open in a separate window.

2. Enter your email address*.

3. Check your emails. You will receive an email with links to various payments the school are seeking at this time.

4. Click on the link of what you wish to pay.

5. Proceed to secure payment.

* Enter the email address which you have registered to the school. The school must have your email address on file. If you have changed your email address, please notify the school to update your contact details.

** If you encounter difficulty paying via E-Payments, please note that you can put cash into an envelope, with your child's name and class clearly printed on the front, as well as details of what you are paying for. Please place this envelope into the blue box located in the shared area adjacent to the office. It is also worth noting that if a permission slip is required with the payment, you still must return the signed permission slip to the school. Online payment does not automatically give permission for your child to attend a school trip.

Make a Payment

If the school has requested that you make a payment for a trip, activity or to pay an outstanding fee, please click the button below to be transferred to Aladdin Schools, a secure site which facilitates our payments. If this is you first time to pay using this method, please find instructions below.

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