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Parent Teacher Association

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association section of our website. Please use the buttons below to navigate this page.

Roles and Aims 

The role of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to

  • help parents become involved in the school, through one-off events as well as committee work

  • coordinate After-school Activities and some other events in the school.

  • keep parents informed of events and developments in North Bay ETNS

  • help the general information flow between the wider parent body and teachers,  the Board of Management, the Patron, and fundraising and other committees.


All parents and guardians are encouraged to be actively involved in North Bay ETNS at all levels, and all offers of help are gratefully appreciated


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) committee has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 members, including:

  • Parent / guardian representatives – we aim to have each class in the school represented on the committee.

  • A teacher representative

  • A Board of Management representative

  • A Patron representative


In 2022/2023, the following are members of the PTA committee:

  • Chairperson: 

  • Treasurer: Julia Cassidy

  • Teacher Representative: Sophie

  • Kasia Onisko

  • Derek Hand

  • Vanessa Brennan

  • Iwona Treherne

  • Grace Turner

  • Ruth Maloney

  • Louise Nolan


The committee is always looking for new members, and it is open to any parent to join the PTA committee. 

The PTA can also help direct you into your child's class parents/guardian's WhatsApp. You can contact the PTA at,

Community Standards What’s App Class Groups 


WhatsApp can be a convenient and useful form of communication when used appropriately. For example, to share information regarding the content of homework, play dates etc.

It is essential that if you are using class group WhatsApp's set up to communicate about North Bay school, you are aware of and try to uphold our positive school culture:

  • North Bay‘s Ethos, Mission Statement, policies and procedures (see website)

  • The reputation of North Bay, its staff, students and all stakeholders

  • North Bay's Dignity at Work Policy

  • Data Protection

  • The rights and sensitivities of all the school community

  • Your responsibilities

  • Please be aware at all times that class WhatsApp groups are in a public forum.

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