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Board of Management

The Board plays a central role in managing the school. They are in charge of important things like school finances, recruitment, and taking care of the school facilities.

The Board acts as a Corporate Entity and its function is to attend to the governance of the school, e.g. finance, recruitment, resources & building maintenance.

All Board members give their time voluntarily, meeting and attending to tasks and actions in the interim. North Bay has a very committed staff that has created a secure and nurturing learning environment for the students.  The common aims of, and co-operation between, the committees – P.T.A. and Board – will continue to ensure a high level of support for the staff and education, comfort, security and resources for the children in North Bay.

The current Board (2023- 2027) consists of the following members:

  • Gerry NcKevitt - patron nominee and Chairperson

  • Liana Cassin - patron nominee

  • Deirdre Tinnelly - parent nominee

  • Paddy Monahan - parent nominee

  • Erin McGann - community nominee

  • Sandra Myler - community nominee and treasurer

  • Sophie Merrells - teacher nominee

  • Eimear Cole - secretary to the Board

As is evident from the make-up of the Board of Management, parental involvement is vital to the success of the school. Without the support of the parent body, be it on committees, helping out at fund-raisers, volunteering to work with some of the children, or in any of the many varied capacities, North Bay would not be able to function as successfully as it does.

The Board of Management is hugely appreciative of the work of all of the School Community and appreciate the enormous four year commitment given by the Board members listed above.

To bring any issues to the attention of the Board of Management please email

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