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24 HOUR Pupil  personal Accident Insurance 

Allianz have been providing Pupil Personal Accident Insurance to schools in Ireland since the mid 1980’s. Pupil Personal Accident Insurance is a benefits policy and covers Medical and Dental expenses following an accident. We have 24 hour cover for your children which includes; 

  • School Activities  - provides cover for pupils during any school activity taking place with the full knowledge and authority of the school and including direct travel to and from such activities.

  • 24 hour -  in addition to the cover for “School Activities Only” the 24 Hour Cover also applies to social, domestic and leisure, 24/7, 365 days a year.

When making a claim

  • The form will need to be signed by the parent / guardian and the principal of the school.

  • Return the completed Accident Report Form to Allianz with any accompanying medical / dental bills or receipts, including the policy number.

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