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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Welcome to our brand new website! We have taken all the useful elements of the old website and combined them with new, modern and practical features to create a more up-to-date and fresh website.

Here are the top ten features which we think you'll particularly like.

1. We are mobile-optimised (at last!). This means no more zooming in on the calendar.

2. Our calendar is much clearer, and particular events can be synced to your own calendar. It also features a quick-view list at the bottom of the page which details important dates of holidays etc. which means no need to scroll through months of events to find out what you want! Syncing events to your own calendar is also possible with the after-school activities calendar on the PTA page.

3. An introduction to the staff. We have had our portraits drawn by our amazing little artists, and we think we look great!

4. The student council have their own section on the website.

5. Each class has their own page which will be updated regularly with work we have been doing and things we have been up to, something which was no easy task on our old and outdated website.

6. Parents' Corner. This is possibly the most helpful section of the website for parents. It details FAQ's which the staff have been asked over the years. It answers general questions, learning-related questions, questions on where to find information and so much more. We think that you will particularly like this section.

7. Educational games- We have a page with links to helpful educational games and apps.

8. Everything is tabulated! Everything from the Parents' corner, to the PTA, to the enrolment is all tabulated, which means you can quickly find the information you are looking for.

9. Our policies- we have uploaded lots more policies onto our new website! Not only that but they are clear, tabulated and available to read online or print.

10. It is modern, colourful and practical! It is a website befitting our great school, wonderful children and hardworking staff.

We hope you find