Science Blast was a blast!

Updated: Apr 7

Today, Wednesday 21st March, sixth class had a visit from Rebecca Amet, their Science Blast judge. They spent nearly an hour explaining the work they've been doing over the last few months and answering her questions.

The project, which had to be put in the form of a question, was How Fast Could a Fast Person Go if a Fast Person Were to Go Fast?

Rebecca was very impressed at the quality of their work and how enthusiastic they had been in working on this project.

Click here to visit the website they created to show their data collection and background research.

Here is Ollie accepting the Science Blast award from Rebecca. Well done, sixth class, Gemma, Amy & Ciarán and many thanks to Rebecca for her time and kind words.

Click below to read the fantastic feedback that Rebecca gave on her experience of the 6th class project.

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