Recall of Sanitisers and other PPE

Hi everyone,

We hope that you had a relaxing midterm. We are looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow. 

You will have heard through various media that a sanitiser called Viropro was recalled by the Department of Education as it was unsafe. We did not use Viropro. 

However, last week some further sanitisers and other PPE were recalled. The sanitiser that we had ordered through the Department of Education's (DES) procurement process IS on the list. The DES does not have any evidence that the products are unsafe. All PPE products have to be registered by the Department of Agriculture. The DES could not confirm that the recalled products had been registered. We now have a new list of approved PPE, all of which is registered and are waiting for a delivery. 

While we are waiting for the delivery, we are going to increase the frequency of handwashing. Parents/guardians of older children, (2nd to 6th) may wish to give their child a personal sanitiser bottle to bring to school. We will support that. It is not generally recommended that younger children carry a personal bottle of sanitiser. 

See you all tomorrow, Sally.

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