More celebrations in First Class

Over the last 2 weeks the children learned about the Jewish festival of light called Hannukah. This festival started on November 28th and continued over 8 days until December 5th.

During this time one of the Menorah candles are lit each evening to remember a time when the Jewish people were not allowed to believe in their god. They remember rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem at the end of a long struggle to assert their right to have their own belief system.

The Menorah( Hannukiah) ,the dreidel and the Star of David are important symbols in Jewish culture. The children completed stained glass windows with the star symbol in them. They made dreidels and stars. You can see some of their work in the display.

As you can imagine the children are very excited about Christmas. We put up and decorated our tree in the classroom in early December. The children chose a bauble to place on the tree. Each day we count how many days/ sleeps till Christmas day as well as opening the Advent Calendar. The children are undertaking to complete simple acts of kindness to help out at home as we prepare for Christmas day. The children can record this on their Advent Calendar which is in their Homework pack.

We have made saltdough decorations which we will paint and decorate. We made Christmas tree paper decorations and will make garlands in the coming days. We will use these to decorate our classroom.

We will learn about the first Christmas and the many traditions surrounding Christmas in the coming week. We are really looking forward to the pantomime on Friday 17th.

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