Junior Infants Update

We have had such a busy time over the last 3 weeks in junior Infants! We have been learning so many new things and have made lots of new friends.

We have loved exploring all the signs of autumn! We found leaves, conkers, berries and more. We are celebrating harvest and went to have a look at all the apples, rhubarb and raspberries growing at our school. We have made an impressive nature table! We enjoyed doing our leaf rubbings on Friday.

We have had a great time learning maths through games and activities. We have focused on early maths activities. We are now learning about 2D shapes and went on a shape hunt outside today.

We are so clever that we are even starting to learn how to read! We have begun our Jolly Phonics programme and have learnt all about the sounds s, a, t and i. Tomorrow we will learn about p! We have gone on a hunt around the school garden looking for hidden picture cards of words beginning with these letters!

We have been doing lots of playing and learning outside. We have had a sing along of We All Live in a Yellow Submarine with teacher playing guitar in the yard. It was great fun! We love all the new toys and puzzles we got for our classroom. We especially like our magnets we use for building fantastic houses, trucks, cars and other amazing things. Everyone has had a big smile coming in everyday, we are really enjoying learning!

Keep an eye out for our next post soon, we have done lots of beautiful art we want you to see!

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