Caterpillar News!

Hi Children, I have been taking care of the butterfly larvae / caterpillars for just over a week now. I have kept both tubs upright and out of direct sunlight. I have kept the lids on at all times and before I head upstairs at night I wrap the tubs in a towel to keep them warm overnight. It has been quite cool at night especially this week.

They have grown and are quite big now. There are 10 of them...5 in each tub. Their environment looks quite messy but they don't seem to mind. There are balls of waste on the bottom of the tub and there is silk webbing surrounding them .

I brought home the Butterfly Habitat for the next stage of the process where the caterpillars

becomes chrysalides. I will send you some details about that when it happens.

I am going to show you a couple of video clips now of the caterpillars. Sometimes as they move around they bump into each other and they get annoyed with each other.


You can see the caterpillars moving much more in the next video by clicking on this link.

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