Books, Junior Infant Home Learning Booklet and Other Materials Explained

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hi all,

By now most of you will have received your bag of books and materials. Below is a list and explanation of what should be included in the bag. I have also added a link to a printable version of the home-learning booklet in case it is mislaid over the next few weeks.

- Planet Maths Workbook- which we will also be working from over the next several weeks.

- A small handwriting copybook- for writing news, completing activities, drawing pictures and writing after listening to audio books etc.

- A spare large purple handwriting copybook- Extra paper for above.

- A large yellow copybook- this is an independent writing copybook. It largely consists of drawings of stories and a few little words or letters they have written to match.

- A blank booklet- it's the handmade one with the white oval on the front. We had begun to write our own reader just when the school closed. The children dictated the words and I wrote them into the book. They were to draw the pictures. The idea was that the children would swap readers around and they would act as the shared readers for the final term. Some children do not have the words written yet, I thought it may be a bit of fun for them to do it at home anyhow (with the help of an adult with writing the words).

- Splash! - This is the new class reader that the children have been learning flashcards in preparation for. I will need this back in Sept.

- x4 Shared readers- I will need these back in Sept

- Plasticine- it may need to be wrapped in cellophane/ tin foil/ put into a lunchbox so it doesn't dry out. Some activities may ask children to make a model. It is also great for maintaining the strength in their hands, which in turn helps with handwriting.

- Coloured paper- for little art activities/ cutting and sticking activities

- A pirate cut out template- not to be used quite yet, but will be used in response to an activity in June.

- x2 Person cut out template

- x2 Biodegradable plant pots

- x2 Sunflower seeds

- A new pencil & rubber

- Colouring Pencils

- A scissors- I will need this back in Sept.

- Coloured match sticks - for counting

- A glue stick

The home-learning booklet includes many of the activities I will be asking children to complete over the next several weeks (starting Monday 18th May). Here is a link to the home-learning booklet:

Junior Infant Home Learning Booklet

If you have not received your pack for whatever reason, please get in touch with me via email.

Kind regards,


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