4th Class Work Week 1

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

March 16 - 20


Secret Garden Chapter 1.               READ HERE. LISTEN HERE. Write a 20 - 50 word summary of Chapter 1 Remember - a summary should not contain any dialogue and only the main points of information. - Make a list of characters you meet in this chapter and say who they are. - Look at the words in blue rectangles and say what you think they mean based on how they appear in the sentence.   Look them up in your dictionary or in an online dictionary. Write in your copy:- My meaning =   Real meaning = 

Chapter 2               READ HERE.LISTEN HERE. Write a 20 - 50 word summary of Chapter 2 - Make a list of characters you meet in this chapter and say who they are. - How do you feel about Mary so far?


Write story for Scribbles Easter edition.

It can be on an Easter theme or any that you choose.

You can type straight to Google docs if you want.  Remember to type your story at the top of the page above the one you wrote for Christmas Scribbles.  Happy writing!

If you can't think of a story to write you can use one of these starters.


a)  The tapping sound at the window was driving me crazy and I knew that any moment I would have to go and find what was causing it ...

b)  When all the children were gathered in the room Jilly held up her hand for silence and a hush fell over everyone.  She looked nervous as she prepared to speak but finally she said ...

c) "I need an assistant for my next trick," the magician said looking down into the audience.  In horror I realised that he was looking at me.  I didn't want to go up on stage but my family were already muttering words of encouragement.  Slowly I got to my feet ...


Maths Number Sentences Do a column of the number sentences each day.

Mental Maths

Friday 13th  - Thursday & Friday Review

Monday 16 - Friday 20 - pages 74 to 76


Bileog na mBriathra/Verb sheet

Féach ar an mbileog agus scríobh na habairtí san Aimsir Chaite agus Fháistineach

[look at the sheet and then write these sentences in your copy in the past and future tense.]

She begins eating.

Tosaíonn sí ag ithe. (Present)

.............. sí ag ithe. (Past)

............. sí ag ithe. (Future)

He breaks a biscuit.

Briseann sé briosca. (Present)

............ sé briosca. (Past).

...........  sé briosca (Future)

You clean the table.

Glanann tú an bord. (Present)

............ an bord.(Past)

............... an bord.(Future)

They close the window.

Dúnann siad an fhuinneog. (Present)

...............  siad an fhuinneog.(Past)

.............  siad an fhuinneog.(Future)


You gather the nuts. Bailíonn tú na cnónna. (Present)

................. tú na cnónna. (Past) .................  tú na cnónna. (Future) He cuts the grass. Gearrann sé an fhéar. (Present) .............   sé an fhéar. (Past) ..............  sé an fhéar. (Future) She drinks the water Ólann sí an t-uisce. (Present) ...............  sí an t-uisce. (Past) ................ sí an t-uisce. (Future)


Make a model of a Viking longship.



Finish reading Unit 10 on Italy and then do a project which mentions the following topics.

-  mountains, rivers and lakes.

-  5 important cities

-  food

-  famous artists

-  famous buildings

-  fashion names and brands

Include some maps, diagrams and photos.

If you want you can do your project in Google docs.  Just start ABOVE the Bubbles project and press ENTER  few times to move the whole thing down.

You can do it in the Corona Closure copy you were given if you prefer.


You don't have to do this section but if you're not careful you might enjoy it ... it could happen!

Maths Puzzles for All  NEW 

PIG - this is a great game.  NEW 

Try to reach 50 by rolling a die but if you roll 1 then your score goes back to zero (unless you bank it.)


How Far Can We Get Away From Everyone Else - Social Distancing Gone Mad

Watch this video and answer the questions in your copy. [Write the Q and A]

1.  What is the name of the most remote populated island?

2.  From there how many days by boat would it take you to reach an airport?

3.  What is the population of Devon Island?

4.  There is a bust/statue of whom 878km from the South Pole?

5.  How many people have been to the bottom of The Marianas Trench?

6.  What is the population of Ellesmere Island?

7.  What is point Nemo?

8.  Who will be closest to you a few times a day if you are at point Nemo?

Everything You Need To Know About Earth

Geology In A Minute

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