4th Class - Week 3

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

March 29 - April 3


Chapter 6   Read   Chapter 6   Listen Here

  1. Can you find a word beginning with ‘m’ that means hassled or bothered used to describle Martha’s mother?

  2. What is the name of Dickon’s crow?

  3. Can you find a word in a blue rectangle that matches these definitions?

Plentiful or lots of it.   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Decorated with stitching. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A covered carriage carried on the shoulders of people or animals.   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A dull grey metal made by mixing tin and lead.  _ _ _ _ _ _ Confused and slightly worried. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thick, expensive material with a raised pattern.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Chapter 7  

Read  Chapter 7 Listen Here

Questions and activities to come shortly.

Chapter 8

Coming soon.


Number Sentences -  click here.

Do a set of 20 each day.

Mental Maths Monday 29 Mar. - Friday 3 Apr. - pages 80 to 82

Maths Problem Sheet

Do these problems over the week. You decide how many to do each day.


Play the Division Game here to practice your tables.

[If you are playing on a tablet then tap the answer on the screen instead of using a keyboard.]

Play the Multiplication Game here to practice your tables.


Bileog na mBriathra/Verb sheet

Comhrá - cliceáil anseo. 

Gaeilge comhrá - Sa Stáisiún An Bhfuil Tú Ansin a Ruby [See Ruby's video there also.]

Verb sheet - open this in one tab.

Abairtí - read these sentences and fill in the gaps using the verbs from the verb sheet.  NEW 

Learn Together

The Swastika Cross

It has become a hated symbol because of Hitler and the Nazis. But here are some stories about it you might find interesting. The Swastika Laundry in Dublin How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it Swastika Cross Article Write a short piece in your copy based on what you read.

Claudette Colvin

Everybody in Educate Together schools has heard of Rosa Parks but have you heard about Claudette Colvin? Read here to find out more. or a longer piece here Write a short piece in your copy based on what you read.


The Great History Revision Quiz.

Do one section each day.

Don't forget!

Send me pictures of your model of a Viking longship.

Read and listen to Unit 11 - The Saga of Leif Erikson

Answer questions page 57

Section A 1 - 5 - write the question and the answer.

Section B 1 - 4 - write out sentence with blank filled in.

Geography & Science       


Finish reading Unit 10 on Italy and then do a project which mentions the following topics.

-  mountains, rivers and lakes.

-  5 important cities

-  food

-  famous artists

-  famous buildings

-  fashion names and brands

Include some maps, diagrams and photos.

If you want you can do your project in Google docs.  Just start ABOVE the Bubbles project and press ENTER  few times to move the whole thing down.

You can do it in the Corona Closure copy you were given if you prefer.

Don't Die of Boredom

David Walliams Stories - Daily Link

Trish The Troll

Hank's Pranks  

Pete Picker

Maths Puzzles for All

PIG - this is a great game. 

Try to reach 50 by rolling a die but if you roll 1 then your score goes back to zero (unless you bank it.)

In this video he mentions Fahrenheit temperatures quite a lot.  

Visit this website to convert F to C