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The Patron Committee











What is a patron?

The Patron of a primary school is responsible for the Ethos of the school. At North Bay ETNS, the Patron is a group of parents dedicated to ensuring that the spirit and characteristics of the Educate Together principles are evident in all aspects of the school. Please find more information about our Patron here.

North Bay ETNS Ethos and Philosophy

Please all the information regarding our ethos by following his link.

Who are our Patron Committee & Directorship?

The North Bay National School Project is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.

Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20026295

Companies Registration Office Number: 170221

Directors: Summer Meline, Dan O'Grady


Patron Committee members 2021-2022:


Chairperson: Summer Meline

Secretary: Dan O’Grady


Teacher Representative: Louise Higgins

Board of Management Liaison: John Sutton

PTA Liaison: Barbara Quétel-Brunner


Hannah Lopez

Julie MacLoughlin

Barbara Quétel-Brunner

Mercedes Saiz

Rowland Crawte

Lisa Bridgeman


Membership is open to anyone who is interested in the ethos of the association. 

The Annual Subscription is €3 Individual, €5 Joint/ Family. This is kept low in order that all families can become members of the Association and input to the patron committee in relation to the school. Membership forms are available to download below

Our Fundraising Policy

Please find a copy of our fundraising policy below.

Patron Expenses Claim Form

Please find a downloadable copy of the Patron Expense Claim Form below.

Feedback and Complaints

To provide any feed back, or make a complaint to the Patron committee relating to fundraising or the ethos of the school, please contact us at

Please find a copy of our complaints policy here.

Patron Committee Newsfeed

Membership Form
Our Fundraising Policy
Patron Expense Claim Form
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